What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Parents are always eager to see their little angels grow their first teeth. However, their teeth may not always remain white and shiny if they get tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay refers to tooth decay in toddlers and infants. Baby bottle tooth often affects the teeth in the upper front. Even though baby teeth are temporary, it is vital to avoid tooth decay as it can lead to other complications such as speech problems or damaged adult teeth in the future.

Causes of Baby bottle tooth decay

There are many reasons why your baby may have tooth decay.

When they are exposed to drinks that contain sugar or those with natural sugar such as milk frequently and for a prolonged time. Bacteria which thrives on sugar results to acid which causes decay on teeth.

That pacifier you like to use to calm your baby from fussing could be the cause of tooth decay. If the pacifier has any sweet substance, the baby should not remain with it for a long time.

Allowing your young one to fall asleep with a bottle containing anything with sugar substance could also be the beginning of tooth decays.

Tooth decays in a baby could also be also be passed from cavity-causing bacteria passed from the mother or caregiver through saliva. This is common especially when people use the baby’s spoon when feeding them.

How to Prevent Tooth Decays

Good oral hygiene is critical. Ensure that your brush the teeth of your baby often especially before they go to bed. They are baby friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste that are available you can also consult with your dentist

1. Ensure that the pacifier you give you can also consult with your dentist.

2. Ensure that the pacifier you give your baby is always clean and it should not be dipped in any sweet substance.

3. If you need your baby to go to bed with a bottle may be to get them to sleep, ensure that it should have nothing else besides water. Any drink that has an element of sugar even if it is natural sugar can lead to tooth decay.

4. If your baby is a toddler, who can brush on their own ensure that they are always supervised so that you can ensure they gaggle water and not swallow toothpaste.

As a parent or caregiver avoid in contact of your saliva with that of your baby. This is to avoid passing bacteria that may cause decay.


It is the responsibility of every parent or any caregiver to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. If not treated early tooth decay may progress and result to other complications such as speech problems and crooked teeth.

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