All you Need to Know About Silver Fillings

Dental fillings are a method of restoring teeth that have been damaged by cavities and decay back to their normal shape and function. One of the most used types of fillings is the dental amalgam, which comprises a mixture of various metals including copper, tin, and mercury. These silver-colored dental fillings have been in use for over a century by many dentists because they are affordable and last longer than other tooth-filing materials like gold fillings.

Due to their durability and overall sturdiness, these silver fillings are typically the recommended solution for large teeth cavities and those that happen around the back of the mouth where lots of chewing force is required. The amalgam also hardens rapidly, which makes it particularly helpful in places that cannot stay dry for too long during placement, like below your gum line. Furthermore, the process takes a short time, thus making it practical for special needs individuals and kids who have difficulty staying still and relaxed during treatment.

A notable demerit of using dental amalgam is the fact that these kinds of cavity-filling materials do not look natural. It may stand out or show every time you speak or laugh. Additionally, the dentist may require removing more teeth structure when placing the amalgam filling.

Are Silver Colored Dental Fillings Safe?

Since dental fillings includes a bit of mercury, it is understandable why you would wonder whether it is safe to use. It is worth noting that when mercury is mixed with other metals to create the amalgam, the result is a stable, safe material. Numerous scientific studies by respected organizations like the ADA, CDC, WHO, and FDA have all affirmed how safe dental amalgam treatments are for patients looking for useful cavity-filling materials without any health risks.

Mayo Clinic has recently reaffirmed that the use of dental amalgam is one of the safest and most durable options for tooth filings. They added that the mercury that builds up inside fish and results in health issues when you ingest excessive amounts was not the same kind of mercury that is used to make the amalgam. Furthermore, the ADA always supports continual research on materials used for dental fillings, and they would inform members of the public if government regulatory institutions and scientific studies determined that any material was no longer safe for patients.


The foremost priority of your dentist is to ensure your safety and health. Therefore, the ADA advises people to consult a dentist regarding the available cavity treatment alternatives and what is best for you. Also, you should practice good dental hygiene, eat well-balanced nutrition and arrange regular visits to your dentists to prevent tooth cavities and avoid the need for silver dental fillings.

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