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Dr. Michael Homayun

Dr. Homayun

Dr. Michael Homayun


Dr. Homayun received his post doctorate certificate of periodontics and dental implants from Boston University Hospital in 1991. Previous to that he attended Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago, Illinois from 1984-1989.

He received his doctor of dental surgery certificate with honors. He also received his MBA years after he completed his dental education.

Once Dr. Homayun finished his residency program in 1991, he was recruited by the head of UCLA dental school specifically to teach the art and techniques of periodontal reconstructive surgery at UCLA department of periodontics and dental implants. He served as a professor in this prestigious dental institution from 1991-1995.

In 1995 Dr. Homayun started his private practice as a premier periodontist to some of the most influential people of all time. Dr. Homayun has treated well known politician, philanthropists, mayors, governors, presidents , actors , actresses, musicians, kings and queens of various countries to name a few.

In his 28 years of serving the community, Dr. Homayun has lectured all over the world to thousands of dental professionals. He has successfully placed over 20,000 dental implants and has served as an advisor to several dental implant companies.

Dr. Homayun’s vast experiences in the dental field having performed tens of thousands of successful surgeries places him in a very unique group of dental surgeons around the world to take care of any possible condition that his patients present with.

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