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Dr. Sara Taj

Dr. Taj

Dr. Sara Taj



At Comfort Dental Center we guarantee gentle, effective dentistry in a modern, state of the art practice.

— Dr. Taj

Dr. Taj graduated as a DDS in 2003 from Tehran Dental School in her hometown. After graduating she continued her education and started specialty program in Pediatric Dentistry. Leaving a successful practice and family behind and moving to Unites stats was not easy, but Dr.Taj was determined to fulfill her dream of practicing dentistry in the United States.

In pursuit her dream she moved to Los Angeles and started Preceptoreship Program in pediatric dentistry at UCLA Dental School .She completed all dental examination and competed with thousands of dentists from all over the world for a place in an International Dental Program.

She started the Dental school at USC.Due to her outstanding academic achievement; she was placed on the Dean’s list throughout both years at USC.

She is dedicated to achieving the most glamorous, natural and healthiest smile for his patients that LAST FOREVER.

She believes that dentistry is not only a profession, but is also the art and science of changing people’s lives and attitudes toward the rest of their life.

This passion allows her to focus on precise details that are critical to creating a natural looking transformation. Her Idealism and vigor to pursuit new technologies and methods keep him top of the line in her field.

You will feel relaxed, comfortable and special when you are her Patient. She will never compromise the quality of her work and she treat each patient with professionalism and honesty.

Patient satisfaction is her priority, and seeing big happy smile on her patients’ faces is her reward at the end of the day.

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