Seeing a Dentist Lately? Here are Eight Telltale Signs You Should

Most people do not consider a visit to the dentist as an essential task, and plenty of individuals only get to such a situation when it results in a dental emergency due to severe toothaches. In dire circumstances, the person can end up writhing in pain on the ground. However, as a rational person, you should always make efforts to prevent such a predicament from happening by making frequent visits to the dentist. On that note, here are the sort of situations that could necessitate visiting the dentist to avoid a painful experience


The slightest appearance of caries on the teeth is an indication of things beginning to get worse, and at best it is wise to go for a checkup before the situation develops into a full-blown cavity and gum infection.

Bleeding Gums

For starters, a bit of bleeding might not indicate anything serious. But if the situation happens regularly during the brushing, it can signify deeper problems including gum disease. The next time blood is on your toothbrush; it would be safe to see the dentist and work on the issue early on.

Pain on Teeth or Jaw

Most people would write off pain in their teeth or mouth, but it would be wise to get it checked out. Pain relievers might work for a few hours however chronic pain could end up making your daily routine much tricky.

Canker Sores

Most canker sores situations tend to disappear on their own after a few days. However, if the condition is persistent and last more than a week, then the problem might be much more severe. Prolonged canker sores would need seeing the dentist help identify the problem.

Loose Fillings or Teeth

Individuals with dental crowns, fillings, implants or dentures require regular checkup to ensure the accessories remain in place and good shape.

Health Conditions

Expectant mothers, individuals with medical conditions or undergoing treatment may need dentist checks as such situations elevate the potential of dental problems. Smoking and chewing tobacco would also take a toll on your oral health.

Overdue Dentist Visits

The best recommendation for visiting the dentist is once or twice in a year, although every three months could help keep things in check. However, if you go beyond six months, it is best to have the teeth and gums inspected professionally to prevent any disease from rising.

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